The only computer you'll ever need

Rouster is a credit card sized personal computer powered by a subscription cloud service.

It works with ever growing number of shells to turn it into any device one can imagine: laptop, desktop, tablet, game console, etc.

Want to try it? Rouster is now in paid beta. Just contact us and we will set you up.

Rouster has received funding from the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) within the framework of the NGI Explorers project.


Computer in the cloud

We can reduce the overall price of any personal computing device by up to 70% and spread it across its lifetime. Rousters have longer lifespan since they don’t need physical upgrades and users can increase their computing power at any time. Having the entire computer on the cloud is safer, more reliable and above all-allow users to retain their files and applications across devices.

The users have been on a lookout for such a solution for quite some time. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure came to life 10 years ago and maintained a steady growth of 28% per year to 10.3 billion today. This trend is expected to continue for the next 5 years and bring the market to 35.35 bil by 2023. Slowly but steadily VDI finds its way in the traditional 400 billion computer market. The technology potential for explosive growth is immense with entire segments yet to be approached: SMBs, home users, BI and video industry, etc.

28% year to year growth for the last 10 years, expected to maintain that speed for the next 5. Currently evaluated at 8 bil and steadily eating away the larger 400+ bil computer market


Pay what you use


Security guaranteed

No Upgrade

We upgrade, you don't

The same working environment

Every device it the same computer

Service and prodUcts

Rouster one

Rouster One is the core of the Rouster ecosystem, providing connection to the Rouster access suite. It is coupled with Rouster sets to take the right shape for the particular situation - a laptop, desktop, presentation set, game console, arcade game, etc. Building a modular thin client allows us to infinitely expand our product line while maintaining extremely low acquisition costs.

Office set

The office set turns Rouster One in a desktop computer with just a slide. It is the perfect solution for the office, home and public establishments such as hotels, airports, train stations, libraries, coworking spaces, etc. With its low acquisition cost and the option for centralized management of access and usage it will quickly become the preferred solution for many large-scale and institutional customers.

3-in-1 set

Desktops are fine for longer hours of work but sometimes you have to travel around. If you are not sure that you will have a Rouster desktop set available at any location you can always bring in your 3-in-1 set. Use it to turn your Rouster One in a tablet or a laptop. Since Rouster One is small and energy efficient we can use the extra space in the form factor to give our users a device with days of battery life and constant connection to mobile internet!

Presenters set

A common mistake during presentations is to forget your audience and focus on your visual aid. To be able to forget it and dive into the talk a user needs a reliable and easy solution. Our presenter set is something that you would take out of your pocket, connect with the beamer and get you rolling. You will no longer need to carry around a laptop, wonder if your phone would recognize the beamer or suffer the agony of realizing that you don't have the right port in the last minute.

Gamer set

For now the gamer set is similar to the desktop solution but with improved design. A simple nod to one of our target segments and a promise that the company plans to develop a dedicated product and service line aimed at one of the most desired segments - gamers. We will use it to start an open conversation to harvest bright ideas on how we can make Rouster the solution for perfect gaming experience.

Console set

Desktop stations are awesome for online gaming but sometimes you just need something more casual and maybe share with a friend. To serve those gamers we have our console set that would turn Rouster One in a reason to hang out with friends. You don't have that cool new game? No worries, any of your guests can take out his Rouster One and plug it in so you can check out what he has brought to the part.

How we are better

Mobile and personal

Complete and simple

Easy to adopt

Free device,
affordable prices

The team

Zlatko Zahariev


PhD in AI. First architecture of two multi million products. Idea to prototype in 3 weeks

Vania Nedelcheva


Penetrated and developed 20 new EMEA markets for major FMCG brands

Petar Ivanov


Commercial mobile network with 10M+ subscribers

The advisors

Petko Karamotchev


Founder at INDUSTRIA, ISO/TC 307 Committee expert, mentor at "Founder Institute".

Peter Rahnev


Director “Cloud Solutions and Client Services" for #1 cloud provider in Bulgaria

Stoyan Atipov


Deputy director of IIBA EU. Designed leading distribution network in CEE

The Partners

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